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Spring Cleaning
February 12, 2010, 10:08 am
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I never really supported the idea of Spring Cleaning, or for that matter, Cleaning before the Chinese New Year. To me, cleaning the place up or throwing away stuff dont happen during one period of time. I throw away stuff when I have no use of it anymore and not to keep it til a week before the New Year to throw it away. Ridiculous.

I dont like cleaning the place up just because someone is visiting. Yes, I know, it doesnt look good when others see your messed up room, but why hide it? My room is in a mess, I like it that way. I never like to sort things, labeling them, etc etc. When I clean my room, I tend to have no idea where I put my stuff. Very ironic, but this is me.

Oh, and I dont really like Chinese New Years. It is the period of time where I find it very tiring and a complete waste of time. When I was young, I like the New Year coz of the red packets, but when you grow up, you dont really feel the same happiness when receiving a Red Packet.

10 years ago – “Yay! Ang Pao!” Run around showing off.

Now- “Oh, thanks ah”

Plus, my chinese have never been good, so I tend to have no idea what to wish my elders or when we do the “Lo hei”

Chinese New Year is also the time where I visit relatives I RARELY see. Rarely. Which makes it very ridiculous. I dunno them very well, they dont know me very well. We sit down, they talk to my parents, then when they talk to me, we have nothing much to say. Probably the usual

“You how old ah?”

“Study where now?”

“Eh, now so tall, last time I still remember you baby I carry you” :\ Molest by a Strangative. Yes, A relative who is a complete stranger to me. Strangative.

“Got girlfriend or not?” “Army ah?” “IF YOU SMEELLLLLL”

Okay, the last one is nonsense, but you get my point.

Another 15 days of Chinese New Year. Gosh. Why cant Christmas have 15 days?

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