Would You Choose Water Over Wine

February 8, 2010, 3:31 pm
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I might not live in the USA, but hell, I love American football. We all know the the biggest event in American Football is the Superbowl. My dream is to one day go and watch the Superbowl, but for now, I only can make do with Internet streams.
It has been a habit, since 2 years back when the Giants won. I skip school for the Giant’s Superbowl win, but I didnt do it last year. Lol. So this year, I woke up at 7, called McDonalds to deliver my food, and wait til the game starts. Stoned there til close to 10.
To be honest, I dont support either side. If you are a total blur on what is going on, This year’s Superbowl 44 is between New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. Colts have Peyton Manning, their quarterback, whose brother plays for the NY Giants. Lulz, throwing information at you noobs knowing you have no freaking idea what I am talking about. Anyway, the Saints win. I was secretly supporting them, knowing how pitiful they were after Hurricane Katrina, I wanted them to win. 31-17, both attacking teams, I was kinda disappointed really, I thought it was going to be a close one. 31-17 isnt close for you noobs who dont know. Then again, I cant blame you, I think I am the only prick in Singapore who wakes up this early to catch a American game.
Just know, NY Giants are the best team, screw the fact that they didnt win. They will win it next year. Go Giants!

Oh and I still think Tracy Porter deserves the MVP, not Brees

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