Would You Choose Water Over Wine

January 30, 2010, 3:58 pm
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Random title. Today was soccer galore. Had a match in as early as 8 in the morning. Won 2-0, was pretty happy. When to Darren’s game with Jia Wei and Huanni in the evening. Sucks, the coach didnt play Darren much of the second half. Oh well, coaches.

I am still course-less, school-less which every you want to put it. Hope I get into TP man. TP is the only poly trying to save my ass. Hope I get in man. Really. Chun Jing saved my ass as well, so he shall be mentioned. Haha

When out with Ferdi on Thursday to get his hockey stick. He didnt buy one but we talked alot of cock.

I think I injure my hipbone after today’s match, it is hurting like mad. There is no way I have periods so it cant be due to cramps. My bad girls, no offense made. My back is still hurting and I seriously need a rest.

I really hate organising games nowadays. It is very irritating. I am trying every means to get people to respond. SMS, Facebook all dont work. Gosh, if you want me to organise soccer matches, please do your part. I am doing everything! Really, it will be very nice if you can respond.

You know, I am a novice if you ask me about anything about Chinese music/drama/artiste. I have no freaking idea. Really. I only knew about this girl band called S.H.E last year. Living under a rock much?

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