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We are not ready
January 9, 2010, 1:56 pm
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I am going to say that we are not ready to form a team. Reflecting on today’s game, I can confidently say that we are not ready. Yes, we won 8-7, but there were controversial refereeing decisions made by Sean. I must still thank him for agreeing to be the ref. 8-7 isnt a good score to be honest. This is how I think we stand base on this match


-We can score alot, ALOT

-We can create good chances

-Everyone is hardworking, we dont except defeat.( We were 3-1 down but we picked ourselves up)

-We played fairly well for a team who played together for bout once or twice without training with one another


-We let in alot of goals

-At times, we are too lazy to get the ball back when we lose them. I plead Guilty

-Our fitness level is not high, we are lack of them.

ALL IN ALL, I think if we play more together, we probably do very well. On another note, Haiqal and Raja had a fight with the Malays from Adam’s team. There was alot of Mothers being played and there were fights. Ditto Iran-Singapore. Lol. After that, the whole team when to invade a public pool. Imagine, 15 of us jumping into the water with our dirty shorts. God bless the pool.

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