Would You Choose Water Over Wine

Two Zero One What?
December 31, 2009, 1:13 am
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It is going to be 2010 soon! I am both psyched and worried. I am getting my results soon and the future looks uncertain, I dunno where to go.

2009 has been a okay year for me. I made some new friends, I studied hard for the first time in 17 years, Coldplay, etc. Time to make a New Year Resolution for next year.

-Lose weight( Which was on my previous NYR as well, how fail)

-Get a Job

-Do more stupid and immature things, bring it to a whole new level. Nah

-Form a soccer team with my mates?

-Try to go back to church

All in all, I will miss 2009, but lets hope 2010 will be better than this year. We will go different routes but we will make new friends. More catching up sessions? Chalet? DAMIEN WHERE ARE YOU? Plan for chalet please.(It will be highly gay if i put a heart sign now)

Chalet yesterday was lol, I won 3 bucks from Raja in blackjack, I realised my chinese has drop to a primary 2 level, Daryl is as tall as usual and that I still cant bloody cycle. I can snowboard, surf and skate, but I cant cycle a bike. Fail. Oh and if you ever eat in a Hong Kong restaurant and happen to come across a drink called Bloody Vampire, dont ever drink it, it sucks ass, diabetes will occur. Coke is better.


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