Would You Choose Water Over Wine

It’s driven me before, and it seems to be the way
December 9, 2009, 2:58 pm
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Flying off to Australia tomorrow! Met up with alot of people this few days for meals, great catching up time. Suppose to meet bob yesterday for lunch but he slept like a pig, so tomorrow it is.

I was forced to watch New Moon, and really, it sucks. Like hell. I dont like the book, I dont like the movie. I like the soundtracks thou. Haha. Finding positives in the negatives.

Damien says chalet next year during March. SO PLEASE, LEAVE MARCH OUT PEOPLE. WE GOT A CHALET TO GO TO. Damien promises booze, I probably be 18 by then, so Booze babeh. HUANNI, DINNER OR LUNCH WHEN I GET BACK OKAY? TELL ME WHEN YOU ARE FREE. IAN TOO.

Oh, I have yet to reply Caro, but err, IF ANYONE FROM CELL SEES THIS, I am not in Singapore from tomorrow night til 29th. Sorry bout that.

I watched all 3 seasons of The Big Bang Theory in 5 nights. It is a very very very hilarious show. Sheldon is my idol. I like how there is always a comic relief in every show. Heroes sucks now, I am happy it has stopped airing til next year. As I was saying, Comic Relief. Homer in Simpsons, Peter in Family Guy, Cartman in South Park, Sheldon in TBBT. Hahaha, PLEASE TELL ME WHO YOU LIKE BEST. I prefer Homer thou.


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Homer FTW.

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