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I wanna form a Sunday Team
December 6, 2009, 2:06 pm
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Had a talk with Kings, Bird and Haiqal while swimming yesterday. We are all keen to form our own Weekend soccer team. Commitment is a obstacle really, take yesterday for example, I told everyone 3 days beforehand, alot said yes but pulled out in the last minute. There were some (names will not be mentioned, you know who you are) who said maybe, but base on experience, maybe = no. People, I dont mind if you say no, at least tell me straight. Take Darren for example, at least he told me he got a match at 5 and that he will try to make it. I will forgive him if he dont turn up, at least there is a reason.

Oh well, rant finished, no wonder Miah is so piss off at times, now I know. Meeting him tomorrow for dinner, haha. I have not seen him for a long time and he says I have no life so I should have time to have dinner with him. Prick. Lol. Miah is a nice guy, not a prick.


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Oooh dude, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t attend last minute as well. I hope you weren’t short on players? I’m soo sorry.

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