Would You Choose Water Over Wine

Soccer Soccer Soccer.
November 28, 2009, 3:38 pm
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Today’s match ended 10-5. This score is ridiculous. We won, our team scored 10. I am happy we scored 10, but I am unhappy we let in 5. All in all, I think we did okay. Time to form a 1992 team. If you are born in 1992, you are either awesome, or freaking awesome. There is a unlikely chance another year could be equally awesome to 1992.

After the match, Raja, Matthew, Dickson and I decided to slack at Shi Quan house. Shi Quan was unhappy at first, but after we suggest to blackjack, everything was fine. His mum force us to drink her soup or else we cant leave the house. Oh well. Matthew is an idiot as well. After the match, he drank a packet of milo and said that he is very very full. When we reach Shi Quan’s house, he kept complaining he is very hungry. :\ Matthew

Arcade Fire is good

Sam’s latest post has the exact sentiment as mine. Hi 5!

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Let’s play again really soon.

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