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Ms Bear and 10 random shits
November 20, 2009, 3:34 pm
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First. Pastor Vic sms-ed me today and ask me to go church tomorrow. Again. He got me some devotion book and stuff coz he knows I am backsliding and all.  I cant just reply him no right? It is just not right.

Second thing, I need a job, I need a job bad. From now til Dec, I need a job, before I fly to down under. I need a job for one reason, kill time. Money is secondary.

Third, I need to repaint my room. It still has those kiddy wallpapers all over it and I have no idea how to take them off. Like, take them off one shot. I dont want to paint it over, sucks. I want a white wall, and I buy different colors of paint and splash them, Abstract Art. For that, I need a lot of cash( this is wear working for cash would work) for alot of different colors of paint.

Fourth. I am still very highly anti Miley Cyrus. I just had to put it in, haha, I cant stand her.

Fifth. Rock Band Unplugged on PSP is not as fun and it is real easy. Reason it is easy, I played the easy mode. Haha. No, but it is relatively easier than DJ Max.

Sixth. Sean attempted to put me in a sleeper hold, only to be reverse by me and put him in one. I feel very proud of myself.

Seventh. I have cravings for chicken pie at the moment, but because I am fat, I will abstain from eating tonight.

Eighth. Joseph still has my Jon Chan and The Fire Fight Albums. If he dont pass it to me tomorrow, the next time I see him will be years later.

Ninth. I am into American’s College Basketball and Football(American Football). I like to see talents emerging and guess which of them will be drafted into the NFL or NBA. NY Giants and Orlando Magic for the win!

Ten. 2012 is not going to happen. 5000 bucks for bets.

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HAHAHA Thanks for the album Jianny! Loved the firefight one! But why years later??

Comment by Jo

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