Would You Choose Water Over Wine

November 11, 2009, 2:14 pm
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Sorry, took me a long time to link some of you guys, was busy, or lazy, whichever you prefer. Ha!

So here are some plans, I have nothing to do tomorrow, probably go visit my grandparents and teach them how to use Skype. My Grandpa is very hip, he is a hip old man. I will be out the whole day on Friday, I guess. Bob is going to tag with me to get stuff for prom, he is my agent. At night, probably going to Azure with Zet How and the gang. Last friday sucks, we had no plans, and end up watching S League in Nuck’s house. Bad. Soccer on Sunday with them again, probably going to have my well delayed coffee session with Kingsley. Soccer again on Monday morning. Playing for 4E against the 4Ns. I am still having nightmares about the last match we have, I didnt do well enough. Oh well, time to make up. Prom at night. ehhhhh, Haiqal really owes me big time. He failed in washing my bamudas, he force me to go to prom and (more stuff will be added if I can think of any. It wont be added, I lied, I would be too lazy to edit this post)


I dyed my hair Mocha Brown. I like how it is named, Mocha Brown. Mochaaaaaa


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