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Buh Bye O levels Hello Sports Season
November 8, 2009, 10:34 pm
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Os are going to be over in another 2 more days. I am psyched! After Os, like immediately after Os, I am going to dye my hair. Hahaha. I sound like some Sec 1 kid who looks forward to the holidays just to dye their hair.

2 days back I joined my sister to watch Camp Rock. She had to record it, so I just join her. Seriously speaking, if it wasnt because I was holding a bag of chips to eat and wanting to waste time, I would have slept. How very piglike of me. Camp Rock is lol, I still hate Jonas Brothers and after 10 mins into the show, I find myself rushing to finish the bag of chips.

Chelsea beat Man Utd. Hahaha, IN YOUR FACE! That goes out to Zetsu, Bird and Zuo Yang. I dont care if we win by cheating, we still kick their ass good. 1-0 is good, especially when Terry scored. Reminds me of me scoring 3 weeks back against the Sec 3s. I, like Terry was playing center back that day. PROUD PLEASE.

Orlando Magic has a great start as well. Haha, I am a sports freak. I like to watch sports

, I am just lazy to do them at time(stares at stomach).

Here are some pictures of Chelsea, beating the holy crap out of Man Utd. 1-0 is a big score.

Essien > Anderson

Essien owns Anderson



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