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October 20, 2009, 1:11 pm
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Today was rather retarded to start with. I met Sean in the morning, or Sean’s parents picked me up in the morning. Headed to school only to be frighten by Miss Tew’s VERY VERY HIGH SELF DRAWN eyebrows. Oh, and the librarian decided to take leave. Take a break from all the nonsense we provided in the Library. I still prefer Michael, at least he dont slack.

So Sean and I took a bus and toured the entire Bishan. I fell asleep on the bus while Sean was busy ogling at hot girls. So we alighted at Bishan interchange :\ and took an MRT to Orchard. Yes, 2 boys wearing school uniform walking around in Orchard at a school hour, how very fascinating. Went to Borders and Sean almost stunner-ed a woman for tsk-ing at him. I find people tsk-ing very very very HIGHLY irritating.

So we lolled around, act like rich kids who stays in Orchard, went back to Bishan, bought a pirated basketball game, went to Sean’s house to play. I beat him in all 4 games. 4? I think so, yeah. haha.

There is alot of things that happens around me that gets me very fed up nowadays. It is not as if I have a period or something, it is just that I get very very irritated by some stuff. Okay, I stay on the 25th floor, highest from my flat ( No, I am not boasting), and when I take the lift up, people living in the middle tend to press both the up and down button, so when i am going up, it will stop, and I ask or signal whether they want to go up, they say no. BLOODY COCKANATHAN, DONT WANT TO GO UP DONT PRESS THE GOD DAMN BUTTON SHITHEADS. Maids talking on the phone in the lift, yeah pisses me off. They wait for the lift, and they know the when they go into the lift, they will lose signal. So they will wait with you for the lift to come, and when it does, they dont go in, UNTIL YOU PRESS THE CLOSE BUTTON, THEY WILL RUSH AND ATTEMPT TO SALVAGE THE SITUATION BY PRESSING THE BUTTON FROM THE OUTSIDE, OPENING THE DOOR THAT IS SUPPOSE TO BE SHUT. Stupid clowns.


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