Would You Choose Water Over Wine

Bird is the Word?
October 11, 2009, 1:45 pm
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Nowadays I see a post, or a personal message on facebook about God or how awesome he is, I have this really doubtful feeling. Is he that great? Miracles or Human luck/fate? Or is there even a God? I just feel sucky now, I lost faith in God, this God I believed for 14 years of my life.

Practicals are in another 11 days,  written is in another 15. Those Sec 3 and below kids are more or less done with their’s. I do hope they make it to Sec 4, do well for their Os and stuff. Bella, Jaymus, Jade, all the best to you guys! Jaymus, remember what you promise us. I remembered something you said, something with words like “Do well” “or get beaten up”, stuff like that. hahaha.

Jia Wei’s birthday celebration was full of lol. Buffet, Ice Cream, Minnie, Condom, Sex, Esplanade. Lol. Wordlife much?

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Ahh, whether I do well or not, i still get beaten up. Here to inform you i changed my URL. Sorry if you believed in God.

Comment by CJ

haha, it’s okay man

Comment by Jianny

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