Would You Choose Water Over Wine

Angry Kid
September 24, 2009, 1:07 pm
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I am a very angry kid. I get easily annoyed nowadays, and no, I am not having a period, for God sake, I am a guy. My Ipod is only playing songs from Anberlin, Copeland, Coldplay, Incubus, The Fire Fight and Kings of Leon, I can hear Sean telling me “how boring” . I like it thou, hahaha.
My prelims score are bad, real bad. Probably 30 for my L1R4. Time to REALLY study instead of flipping the pages of my close-to-tattered textbooks. I just got online and I scroll down the list of people who are online, guess what, only 2 other people who are taking Os this year are online. I am feeling very guilty wasting my time blogging.
Ashley’s birthday is today. I have not been talking to her much lately thou. She is still a good friend, nice people. Haiqal’s one is tomorrow. I am looking forward to beating the shit out of him for a mere 17 seconds(if the birthday bash timing still stands).
Caught up with Ian yesterday for lunch. Hafiz tagged along. Had a good time catching up with one another. I still have yet to meet up with Kings for coffee and Huan Ni for dinner. OH WELL, sucks to be taking your Os.
Oh, and Daryl too, he is preparing for his Hor-Lim-Picks.

ps: I need new ear phones. Pronto


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