Would You Choose Water Over Wine

Why Does It Always Rain On Me
September 18, 2009, 3:35 pm
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The title suits Haiqal very very well. Whenever we want or are playing soccer, and he is there, it will rain. FOR SURE. Today was no surprise either. Hahaha. Prelims ended today, Os are in about 40 days. I didnt go home after my paper today(9am finish, wth). I want to write a song, I think I am capable of that.
Caught up with Jess last night on msn, we have not spoken to each other for a while. It went well. Ha.
There was a Primary school class gathering today, I didnt bother to turn up, no point really. What are we going to talk about? Stupid stuff we did back then? bleah.
Met Kings as well, we talked about alot of stuff. He wants to be a boss after he graduates from his course in SP. Haha. He claims that he have alot of “Lobangs” or contacts that will make him utterly very famous. Truth be told, he is a smart kid, and if he ever sees this, his ego will probably go up one level. Like Talib, another smart scum which I would not admit he is. Sarah as well, she is too humble to admit she is smart. Hahaha.


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