Would You Choose Water Over Wine

Woah oh oh Woah oh oh oh
September 12, 2009, 11:29 pm
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Today marks the end of the holidays, if you even call it one. If you do, good luck. Had a great talk with Miah yesterday, felt better, he is like a mentor to me. Ha. Went to watch Fire Fight last night, late thou, they covered All The Small Things by Blink 182. As usual, Talib would be there. First thing he said after he saw me “scum”. Whatafag.
I realised tomorrow is practical and I have no idea which shift I am in. Doom will prevail. I am having my migraines, it is terrible I tell you. Rock band Beetles are out, I want. I want the whole shit to play Rock Band as well.
I get rather angry easily nowadays. People do things that I get irritated or if I put it in an easier way for you, they kaopei me without knowing, or I am just easily annoyed, however you put it.
Oh, I got bloody angry 2 days back, my friend and I were walking around Bishan,some chups were playing The Grey Man by Copeland and their comments were “nahbeh, the song so slow and horrible one, eh play the lady gaga song leh, nicer” Word for word. Copeland > Gaga. I would have beat them up, but 2 on 10 equals to lose.
We send Caro off on Friday, all the best for her studies. I caught up with Joel as well, that cunt. My wrestling partner. Huanni, STEROIDS MUCH?!

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