Would You Choose Water Over Wine

As we exhale and breathe
September 10, 2009, 2:35 am
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I am starting to give up. I am confuse.

I am still happy for my sis, despite of my current “faith level”. She made it into the worship min, and I am proud of her, she is serving in one way at least. I really hope she wont follow my bad habits, she is a good person, and I have not been a good role model.

I think Talib lied to me on how Ramadan is being spelled. That lobster raping scum. Haha. He said it is spelled as Ramadhan, but Wiki and Suria(Yes, the Malay channel) spells it as Ramadan. I being a prick, believed in Talib, which turns out to be a bad move. Lesson learned: Use your own brain.

Os are coming, I am not prepared.

I am not attending church camp this year, will be overseas. I am half hearted about going to it anyway. Will be in Australia (Benny:AGAIN?!).


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