Would You Choose Water Over Wine

Strawberry Fields Forever
September 8, 2009, 12:45 pm
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I am doubting something I believe for almost 14 years of my life.

There was soccer today, but I was not in the mood. I have been rather temperamental lately and I have always blame my team mates instead of myself. I know it is wrong, and I am sorry. I hope you guys understand. I have been scolding Jia Wei, and I feel that I should apologise to him. I should, I really should.

There was one conversation that was rather retarded today. As we cant split ourselves into teams.
Me: Zetsu, why you wearing Nike, I thought you Adidas kia.
Zethow:No, I hate Adidas
Kings(Coincidentally wearing Adidas from head to toe) : Not happy come lah, we adidas one team, Nike one team, Converse one team, Barefoot one team also lah.

It didnt happen, we decided by black and white. fag


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Hey dude, back to blogging eh? Someone texted me regarding the soccer meet, no idea who though. Was it you?

Comment by CJ

yeah, back, nope, I didnt text you. haha

Comment by Jianny

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